Single Legs 3 Hops Protocol

This protocol allows evaluation of the functionality of the anterior cruciate ligament with two one-leg jumps consisting of 3 forward jumps each (possibly after post-injury rehabilitation) as regards power, as well as stabilization.

Have the athlete carry out 3 forward hops (starting slightly out of the test area on the interface drum side) first with the left leg and then with the right leg.


At the end of the test, a report can be viewed under 'Results', showing the main values divided by leg and differences in %.

Of course it is possible to see the details of a test by expanding the protocol and selecting 'View' in a test or 'Compare' to compare two tests.

New Protocols Single Leg 3Hops and 4H3C (4 Hops, 3 Contacts) 1D e 2D

Starting from version 1.8 the "4H3C" (4 Hops, 3 Contacts) protocol has been introduced, which adds another hop. Both the protocols can be carried out with the 2D system, that will give us the lateral shift in terms of cm or angles.