8/27/2019 -

New software version 1.2.15 fixes an issue with Logitech Webcams C920

6/22/2018 -

Issue with Ramsonware Shield of Avast Internet Security

5/25/2018 -

How to fix webcam issue after windows 10 1803 update

3/21/2018 -

The 1.12 release introduces two new protocols, a new section in the GMF module and some other minor changes

8/22/2016 -

Possible issues with webcams after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

3/31/2016 -

The Spring Release 2016 brings with it a new multimedia "encyclopaedic" module, which is useful for Gait Analysis experts and beginners.

5/27/2015 -

The big news of the "Spring Release 2015" is undoubtedly the new Gyko inertial sensor and the new static (sway) protocols and tests. The BioFeedback module continues the evolution of OptoGait as a working tool as well as an instrument of diagnosis, while the Witty RFID device facilitates and accelerates testing with many patients.

6/4/2014 -

In the Nike Run Department top athletes are testing the new Air Zoom Pegasus 31 with OptoGait. The next chapter in the future of fast has begun.

4/30/2014 -

The "Spring Release 2014" brings several new elements to the table, such as the Media Gallery, Statistics Charts, the metronome, March in Place protocol and a fun new feature for children!

4/28/2014 -

Very proud to work with our partner Gordon Uehling III, founder of Court Sense in Tenafly, NJ and this year's winner of the USOC Doc Counsilman Award for Sport Science. Gordon is recognized for his innovative use of sport technologies, including OptoGait

2/19/2014 -

Microgate USA is proud to announce the certification and collaboration with TB12 Sports Therapy Center of Foxboro Massachusetts

2/12/2014 -

How a young man overcame a serious brain injury with the help of OptoGait's technologies 

1/16/2014 -

This season, the Trail Blazers NBA team began using OptoGait, a biomechanics evaluation system. WSJ dedicates a long article about Damian Lillard workout.

12/20/2013 -

The two italian tennis player (World No. 1 in doubles in the WTA Tour Rankings) in a OptoGait test session

8/5/2013 -

Version 1.8 introduces important changes regarding the use of external devices - such as heart-rate monitors - and the Witty timer and much more.

7/15/2013 -

After patch MS13-057/KB 2803821/KB 2834904 videos are blank or rendered half-size.

4/25/2013 -

The best two long distance runners Mo Farah and Galen Rupp (Gold & Silver medals in 2012 London Olympics) are training with coach Alberto Salazar within the Portland-based Nike Oregon Project

12/16/2012 -

OptoGait2D, Video Feedback, First Step Video Popup, and many other new features for this year-end release

4/24/2012 -

New webcams supported, data compression, and much more...

11/6/2011 -

OptoGait goes to China

11/1/2011 -

Interesting article on Philippine Daily Inquirer

10/20/2011 -

Among other new features, the new version introduces the 'Run Report', the Parameter Template, and a new protocol.

5/6/2011 -

A new section of the website collects videos about OptoGait and Gait Analysis

4/18/2011 -

The new software version introduces two interesting protocols for evaluating 'dynamic stability', speed and agility training.

1/28/2011 -

Interesting video of one of our customer ( ): how to use OptoGait to verify the effects of tape

1/24/2011 -

OptoGait is now on Facebook

10/22/2010 -

The new software update (1.3) has been released, with many new features and improvements

8/27/2010 -

The new 1.2 software version with many new features is available.

8/25/2010 -

The new portal is born