New Software version 1.7: OptoGait becomes 2D!


OptoGait2D, Video Feedback, First Step Video Popup, and many other new features for this year-end release


The new software version could have been called 2.0, as it is rich in new and improved features. Please refer to the relevant sections for in-depth topical descriptions.

New Features

Patient Module

  • The 'Foot Width [LEDs]' parameter has been added (necessary for the 2D, but not for the other test types); with 2D systems, the <Acquire Foot> function records the length and width parameters.
  • Bug fix of the patient import routine with Excel/xml file data errors

Test Module

  • New test type called '2D Gait Test' (click here for further information)
  • New 'GaitR IN filter' and 'GaitR OUT filter' secondary parameters (click here for further information)
  • It is possible to have a second window (usually in full-screen mode on a second monitor, but also available as a popup window on the main screen) showing core parameters of the current test (click here for further information)
  • In run and gait tests the possibility has been added to preview the first step shown for N seconds (to decide if the starting foot should be confirmed or changed; click here for further information)
  • Now it is possible to use a variable treadmill speed, if the treadmill supports a real-time speed indication; at present available only for Woodway treadmill (in the speed combo box choose 'From Woodway treadmill')

Results Module

  • Two scroll buttons have been added for the graph legend labels
  • The zoom control has been eliminated from the graphs, but it is still possible to increase them using the 'Show N Data' command
  • A button has been added for changing the starting foot on the fly (on the left of the Gait Report)
  • A button has been added for changing the Gait Template on the fly (on the left of the Gait Report; only for 2D Gait test)
  • Viewing Bars/Footprints:
    • A zoom button has been added
    • In the 2D tests a line of progression and Y bar indication has been added
    • Now it is possible to measure distance in LEDs also on the Y bars (CTRL+double click)
    • A graphical grid and the (10-step) sensor amount have been added 
    • Click here for a summary of all operations possible on the bar/footprint graph
  • New parameters for the 2D gait in the Gait Report and in the Gait Data (also as extended export)
  • A function has been added for searching the first/next/last entrance in the bar area (useful for roundtrip tests in modular systems)
  • Note column has been added to the extended Excel export

Utility Module

The 'First Step Preview' parameter has been added to the video section for enabling/disabling the Video Preview Popup and its duration in seconds.


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