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Characteristics of chosen muscle strength indicators using the “OPTOGAIT” system

Konarski, J.M., Strzelczyk, R., Krupa, P., Adrian J. (2014)

One of the more important motor abilities for people playing team games is lower limb muscle strength. This ability allows the implementation of technical and tactical aims according to the game demands, and directly influences components such as (e.g.) running speed and gaining an advantage over the opponent. To date researchers mainly used so-called field test (e.g. vertical or long jump) or dynamometric platforms to assess lower limb strength. However, this has many limitations. Using the “OPTOGAIT” system opens up new opportunities for measurement, analysis and training. Publications on the topic are still rare. The main aim of the investigation was to characterize the level of chosen lower limb muscle strength indicators (power, strength endurance, jumping) of team game players using the “OPTOGAIT” measurement system.

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