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Effects of Pelvic Adjustment on Female University Students' Gait Variables

M Cho, I Jun (2014)

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of pelvic adjustment using Gonstead techniques on posture in female university students. [Subjects] In this study, 30 female university students were selected and divided into a pelvic adjustment group of 15 subjects as an experimental group and a stretching group of 15 subjects as a control group. [Methods] Step length difference (SLD), stance phase difference (STPD), swing phase difference (SWPD), single support difference (SSD), and step time difference (STD) were evaluated in the subjects using an OptoGait. [Results] Whereas the adjustment group showed statistically significant differences in SLD, STPD, SWPD, SSD, and STD, the stretching group did not show any statistically significant differences in any of the items. [Conclusion] Pelvic adjustment can be applied using Gonstead techniques as a method of reducing differences in normal gait variables between the left and right sides in adults.

Source: Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 26 (2014) No. 5 May p. 759-762 .

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