Data Table

Besides the below listed data, in each test average value, standard deviation, and variability coefficient are stated for each leg, where available. In this case, a difference between the two legs is shown in percentage.

  Gait/Run Test Gait Test on Treadmill Run Test on Treadmill Jump Test Tapping Test Reaction Test
Stance Time X X        
Swing Time X X        
Step Time X X X      
Gait Cycle X X        
Single Support X X        
Double Support X X X      
Loading Response X X        
Pre-Swing X X        
Step Length X X X      
Stride Length (or Double Step) X X X      
3 Foot Phases (Contact, Flat, Propulsive) X X X      
Cadence/Rhythm/Pace X X X X X  
Speed X          
Acceleration X          
Flight Time X   X X X X
Contact Time X   X X X  
Height X   X X   X
Stride Angle X   X      
Imbalance X   X      
Specific Power     X X    
Jumping Point       X    
Jumping Point Gap       X    
Used Area       X X  
Cycle Time (Flight + Contact)         X  
Reaction Time           X


Sample of Data Grid with averages data (click to zoom):